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Cover: Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy - School Library Journal

Fact-filled and thorough, this well-written collection covers a vast array of sustainable power sources, from the familiar (Solar Energy; Wind Energy) to the less common (Biofuels; Ocean Energy). Text-heavy yet comprehensible, each book delves into the specific energy source’s… View →

Cover: Super Simple Aircraft Projects:

Amazing Super Simple Inventions - School Library Connection

…Detailed illustrations are easy for readers to follow and understand. The books include a timeline, easy-to follow steps, how-to pictures, and, best of all, it’s written for kids! … View →

Cover: Coral Reef Ecosystems

Ecosystems of the World - School Library Connection

..While each title stands on its own merit, collectively the set would make a wonderful addition to a school curriculum…. View →

Cover: Marie Curie: Physics and Chemistry Pioneer

Great Minds of Science - School Library Connection

…All books are well-researched and contain charts, graphs, diagrams, and maps… View →

Cover: Astronauts

Out of This World - School Library Connection

This set of titles on the solar system is a serviceable supplement for STEM collections… View →

Cover: Coconut Crabs

World's Weirdest Animals - School Library Connection

…Each title includes an abundance of information about rare animals that is sure to intrigue readers… View →

Cover: Five Senses

Senses -School Library Connection

…The large, full-color images are accompanied by short sentences that are just right for emerging readers… View →

Cover: Mystery of the Mary Celeste

Mysteries of History - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

…Good choices for middle level and secondary high reluctant readers. View →

Cover: Barbie Developer: Ruth Handler

Toy Trailblazers - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Students will savor these informative and fast-paced titles on the fascinating, sometimes quirky histories behind the visionary inventors of popular toys… View →

Cover: Black Lives Matter

Special Reports - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

…Beneficial for research projects, but also useful for general interest reading and to encourage critical thinking about complicated issues… View →

Cover: Add It Up! Fun with Addition

Math Beginnings - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

…Lively support for primary level arithmetic instruction… View →

Cover: Astronomy in the Real World

STEM in the Real World - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

…Recommended for budding experimenters and for career-minded younger readers… View →