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Cover: Science at Work

Magnetism at Work (Science at Work) – Booklist

The Science at Work series gives pint-size readers their first glimpse of the different ways science functions in the world around them…Each page is adorned with one to two short sentences and a color photo illustration… View →

Cover: Super Species

Capybaras (Super Species) – Booklist

The stone-faced gaze of the world’s largest rodent greets readers from the cover of this title in the Super Species series…After describing its physical appearance, the text offers a glimpse of “capybara life,” where readers learn that this South and Central American creature loves… View →

Cover: Women in STEM

Women in Conservation (Women in STEM) – Booklist

This volume in the Women in STEM series spotlights pioneers and modern women in the field of conservation. The book begins with two oft written about conservationists, Jane Goodall and Rachel Carson, and follows with chapters on American conservationists; oceanographers; women… View →

Cover: Abdo Zoom Animals Database

ABDO Zoom Animals Database – School Library Journal

…The writing style and reading level are on-target for new readers. Sentences are short, and the vocabulary is controlled. Words that are likely to be new to users appear in blue font; kids can click on those words for a concise pop-up definition. Also available are a read-along audio file… View →

Cover: Changing Animals

Changing Animals – Booklist

Detailed, glossy photos get up close and personal with a number of egg-laying insects, and are the prime selling feature of the Changing Animals series. Though light on text, these overviews of the early life stages of several critters provide a solid first look for elementary school… View →

Cover: Bioindicator Species

Bioindicator Species – School Library Connection

In this series, the impact of polar bears, bees, monarch butterflies, frogs, dragonflies, and coral reefs are discussed alongside their predicaments in our world. Each volume includes facts and activities at the end of each chapter to help students and young readers explore the topic… View →

Cover: Special Reports

Special Reports Set 1 – School Library Connection

This series presents information that is current and relevant. Each book contains Source Notes by chapter, Additional Resources, and Essential Facts…Also included are colored textboxes that highlight important points and facts. Anecdotal stories in quotes and offset fonts are inserted… View →

Cover: America's Great Political Families

The Bushes (America's Great Political Families) – Booklist

Part of the America’s Great Political Families series, this entry about the Bush family does a solid job of introducing a clan that goes back in American politics four generations. The book begins on election night 1994. Jeb, running for governor of Florida, was expected to win… View →

Cover: Cool Toys & Games

Cool Board Games: Crafting Creative Toys & Amazing Games (Cool Toys & Games) – Booklist

This colorfully illustrated book has clear, easy-to-follow craft instructions on how to make a number of board games. Included is a mini magnetic battleship game, a giant outdoor checkers game, a spelling words game that hangs on the refrigerator, a memory game that uses mystery boxes, and… View →

Cover: Super Simple Aircraft Projects:

Amazing Super Simple Inventions - School Library Connection

Detailed illustrations are easy for readers to follow and understand. The books include a timeline, easy-to follow steps, how-to pictures, and, best of all, it’s written for kids!…Recommended. View →

Cover: Coral Reef Ecosystems

Ecosystems of the World - School Library Connection

…color photos, with a few illustrations [are] included for additional information. Numerous text boxes break up the information, assisting struggling readers. While each title stands on its own merit, collectively the set would make a wonderful addition to a school curriculum. Recommended View →

Cover: Great Minds of Science Set 2

Great Minds of Science Set 2 - School Library Connection

This series support the Common Core State Standards and gives information on the lives and contributions of great scientists…All books are well-researched and contain charts, graphs, diagrams, and maps. Recommended View →