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Cover: Science at Work

Science at Work – School Library Connection

In this series readers will see how science plays an important part in the use of everyday materials. Children will enjoy seeing themselves in the easy reader nonfiction books. Each book explains the key physical science topics—electricity, elements, light, magnetism, mass, and temperature… View →

Cover: Science at Work

Science at Work – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Geared toward young readers, this series attempts to simplify science concepts with an emphasis on how they apply to daily life. Electricity, temperature, and light will be relatively familiar concepts for the audience while mass, magnetism, and the elements may be new. The page layouts… View →

Cover: Science in Action

Science in Action – School Library Connection

This very well done, highly engaging series discusses the scientific principles behind the various subjects and is liberally illustrated with both photographs and illustrations. All of the books feature experiments and recommended websites for additional information. Information is provided… View →

Cover: Biomes

Biomes – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Hansen succeeds at the difficult task of reducing complex topics to their essential elements for young readers. Besides identifying the important characteristics of each biome, she notes distinctions, such as arctic and alpine tundra and boreal, temperate, and tropical forests. She also… View →

Cover: Social Media Sensations

Social Media Sensations – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

If not already active users, most students will at least be familiar with these social media tools. This set excels at relating the stories behind each media outlet (rather than instructing readers in their use). Company history, funding sources, news stories, politics, and societal impacts… View →

Cover: Changing Animals

Changing Animals – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This fabulous series introduces the concept of metamorphosis in the animal kingdom through creatures like the jellyfish, salamander, and butterfly. Chapters are labeled as “Stages,” which mirror the actual chronological process of metamorphosis. The accompanying photographs are detailed and… View →

Cover: STEM in the Real World

STEM in the Real World Set 1 – School Library Connection

This series provides timely resources for schools using the Common Core curriculum. Each book follows same format: an introductory chapter, key events and pioneers in history, a description of career possibilities, and a final chapter predicting future growth and goals. Photographs, charts… View →

Cover: Super Simple Body Set 2

Super Simple Body Set 2 – School Library Connection

Medical doctor Karin Halvorson has teamed with professional educators to write simple, accurate books about human anatomy, physiology, and health topics in attractive well-organized text. Each title succinctly defines the major topic and moves to smaller parts and details in a logical… View →

Cover: Super Simple Critter Crafts

Super Simple Critter Crafts – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Young crafters gain practice with standard tools and materials, such as air-dry clay, hot glue, chenille stems, and craft paint, in the eight projects per volume of this series. Little expertise is needed to achieve recognizable results, and there is plenty of room for individual… View →

Cover: Super Simple Science at Work

Super Simple Science at Work – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Six experiments per volume demonstrate science principles such as surface tension, centripetal force, and potential energy. Each one is first described in simple terms, then demonstrated via an experiment, and finally explained in a “Why It Works” page that features clear wording and in… View →

Cover: Super Species

Super Species – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Each of the six featured species is distinguished by length, height, or weight—sometimes all of the above. Three to four sentences per page accompany a single photograph covering more than half of each spread. Much of the content focuses on the animal’s size. Facts and figures are supported… View →

Cover: Trailblazing Athletes

Trailblazing Athletes – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Sports fans are given phenomenal role models in this series. With straightforward text, each book offers information not only about the careers of the featured athletes, but also their histories of activism. In addition to being the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali was also a… View →