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Cover: Astronauts

Out of This World - School Library Connection

This set of titles on the solar system is a serviceable supplement for STEM collections. Intended for very young audiences, the text consists primarily of original photos and illustrations, accompanied by detailed captions, charts, graphs, timelines, and other graphics. Additional features… View →

Cover: Coconut Crabs

World's Weirdest Animals - School Library Connection

This series is an interesting investigation of eight different and unusual animals. Each title includes an abundance of information about rare animals that is sure to intrigue readers…Double-page spreads contain a paragraph with facts on one side and a full color captioned picture… View →

Cover: Five Senses

Senses - School Library Connection

…large, full-color images are accompanied by short sentences that are just right for emerging readers…relatable experiences are a great starting place for children just learning about this topic…Teachers will enjoy sharing these colorful books at the beginning of a study of the five… View →

Cover: Add It Up! Fun with Addition

Math Beginnings - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Using big, bright numbers and images interspersed with photos of children confidently smiling, the author lays out basic arithmetical operations, from 2+2=4 to measuring weights and distances. The author explains how to use groups and number lines to reach solutions…Each volume includes… View →

Cover: Bushes

America's Great Political Families - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This series explains how forebears influenced recent presidents and their families who assumed the same or similar government positions, shaping politics thereafter. A conversational, encouraging tone and large font promote fast reading…Interest is heightened with anecdotes and quotes… View →

Cover: Mystery of the Mary Celeste

Mysteries of History - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Budding conspiracy theorists and mystery lovers will be intrigued by this set, which suggests plausible and more sensational (aliens, ghosts, strange natural forces) explanations for each historical mystery…Authors outline the theories and objectively present the arguments for and against… View →

Cover: Barbie Developer: Ruth Handler

Toy Trailblazers - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Students will savor these informative and fast-paced titles on the fascinating, sometimes quirky histories behind the visionary inventors of popular toys…Brief chapters keep reading pace brisk. “Fun Facts” sidebars offer entertaining, educational bits of trivia and striking covers… View →

Cover: Black Lives Matter

Special Reports Set 1 - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

There is a range of topics, some of which are considered contentious or controversial, but the authors approach them from multiple viewpoints with sensitivity, balance, and impartiality. The topics are well-researched and indexed…the text is clear and accessible. The use of boxes, charts… View →

Cover: Astronomy in the Real World

STEM in the Real World Set 1 - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

These volumes are an excellent complement to the 2013 series Science in the Real World, with upbeat, career-oriented surveys of the history, scope, recent trends, and types of work in selected STEM fields…The texts are surprisingly accessible, and…they don’t shy away from… View →

Cover: Charles Darwin Develops the Theory of Evolution

Great Moments in Science - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

These studies complement equivalent volumes in ABDO’s ongoing “Great Minds of Science” series by leaving biographical details by the wayside to instead focus on specific ideas, experiments, evidence, chains of reasoning, and publications associated with each figure’s best-known… View →

Cover: Science of Color: Investigating Light

Science in Action - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Exploring the physics behind things and phenomena that will be familiar to younger students, Kenney ratchets up the level of specific detail….photos in each volume are interspersed with clear, easy-to-understand charts and diagrams. Each also features at least one profile of a prominent… View →

Cover: Artificial Intelligence

Cutting-Edge Science and Technology - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

For more dedicated students exploring future careers in high-tech science, these eye-opening surveys both lay out current areas of progress and impart a heady sense of the breathtaking pace of discovery. Along with offering broad overviews enriched with specific descriptions of relevant… View →