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Cover: Inside the Bones

Super Simple Body Set 2 - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Eye-catching visuals and effective graphic design pack lots of information about body parts and systems into a few pages. Three or four activities interspersed among the factual presentations reinforce the concepts presented. Most volumes include at least one activity that produces a “model” View →

Cover: Bees Matter

Bioindicator Species - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This well-organized set explains the role of animals in measuring ecosystem health at a level that’s just about right for upper-elementary grades. Opening chapters provide species information and introduce survival threats. Subsequent sections explore threats in more depth, discuss possible… View →

Cover: Cool Action Figures & Dolls: Crafting Creative Toys & Amazing Games

Cool Toys & Games - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

The crafts in each of these books will make for good classroom, club activities, and parties. The instructions are reasonably foolproof and with five to six per volume, a lot to choose from…Fun facts about kid favorites like LEGO, Barbie, and Monopoly are liberally sprinkled throughout. A… View →

Cover: Biggest Upsets of All Time

Legendary World of Sports - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

The history of various sports are explored with surprising depth in this kid-friendly series. With catchy, headline-style chapter titles and photos throughout, the mix of current and historical facts will appeal to trivia fans. Honorable mentions at the end of each volume show snippets of… View →

Cover: Cheer Careers

Cheerleading - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Readers eager to learn more about cheering will enjoy the colorful photos and basic information presented in these titles… View →

Cover: Christmas Truce of 1914

Essential Library of World War I - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This series concentrates on the major topics of the First World War, discussing the war and its immediate and continuing consequences in clear, readable prose…The authors do their best to objectively cover the political and military missteps that failed to avert the war, the horrible loss… View →

Cover: Civil Rights Movement through the Eyes of Lyndon B. Johnson

Presidential Perspectives - Booklist

STARRED★ Offering a unique look at history, the Presidential Perspectives series presents pivotal American events through the eyes of the president…written in a style that neatly balances facts and… View →

Cover: Army Rangers

Special Ops - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Focusing on lesser-known U.S. military units, this series is fascinating and informative. A riveting introductory narrative starts each volume and puts readers right into the action, then whisks them through each special force’s history and purpose…The sharp photos, several of which show… View →

Cover: Mysteries of History

Mystery of the Mary Celeste (Mysteries of History) - Booklist

Logically organized and competently written, the presentation includes a few primary sources, quoted in sidebars. Almost every double-page spread includes an illustration…readers intrigued by the Mary Celeste story will find the facts presented here, and some teachers may appreciate the <b View →

Cover: Circles

Shapes Are Fun! – Booklist

…A solid series for basic concepts. View →

Cover: Flowers

Plant Anatomy - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Close-up photos and clear text introduce young readers to basic features of plant anatomy. The large format will work well with groups…Clean design and attractive visuals will hold the attention of browsers and beginning researchers. Purchase the entire set for an integrated overview of… View →

Cover: Arms & Hands

Your Body - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Simple introductions to the structure and function of body parts will capture readers’ attention from the first glimpse of the striking covers. Inside, one or two sentences pair effectively with the facing photo to help beginners explore the topic…A labeled diagram of the body parts… View →