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Cover: Cool Industrial Arts

Cool Industrial Arts – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This series quickly ramps up in difficulty, moving from leather-wrapped pens to a flipping gymnast model powered by a magnetic motor. Detailed instructions and prolific process photos help builders make their way through these projects. . . . A few challenging projects for kids who want to… View →

Cover: The United States of America

United States of America - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This well-written and appealing series is chock-full of information about each state’s physical geography, climate, noteworthy plants and animals, history, people, cities, resources, economy and industries, and sports and entertainment. The coverage is up-to-date and expansive, most… View →

Cover: Desert Animals

Desert Animals – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

After leading with an engaging fact about the featured animal, each book covers body, habitat, food, and life cycle in a brief, succinct fashion. Sentences are clear and short, with vocabulary that is manageable for the audience. . . . Clear range maps are neatly set against photos of the… View →

Cover: The Wild West

Wild West – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

The American West has a history that has grown to mythic proportions. This series brings the time period into perspective without losing any of its vitality or wonder. The syntax is spot-on for the audience and the content is abundant in facts, figures, and compelling details…Occasional… View →

Cover: Women in STEM

Women in STEM – School Library Connection

This series is an informational text set for upper elementary and middle school students. Each book follows the same format of five chapters relating to women’s contribution to the STEM fields. Pictures of real women in the course of their daily duties are sprinkled throughout the books… View →

Cover: Women's Lives in History

Women in Arts and Entertainment (Women's Lives in History) – Booklist

This entry in the Women’s Lives in History series pinpoints the accomplishments of a number of women in multiple artistic fields. It is particularly up-to-date: the “Women in Theater” section gives a nod to Lisa Kron and Jeanine Tesori, who won Tony Awards just last spring for Fun… View →

Cover: Women's Lives in History

Women's Lives in History – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

…this is an engaging look at women’s participation and advancement in a variety of fields. Each title opens with a chapter on a contemporary woman who exemplifies power and status in the book’s subject field, followed by roughly chronological chapters about women who refused to accept… View →

Cover: Essential Library of World War I

Essential Library of World War I – School Library Connection

These volumes provide a comprehensive overview on the Great War from alliances forged between countries to political, geographical, and civilian consequences resulting from the conflict. Each volume includes large vivid photographs, explanatory maps and diagrams, intermittent sidebars… View →

Cover: History Maker Biographies Set 2

History Maker Biographies Set 2 – School Library Connection

This series of biographies is a perfect fit for your library’s PreK through first grade patrons. A very simple Table of Contents, complete with a period photograph, prefaces each very simple, well-written biography. Each page contains two to three sentences of text with the important (or… View →

Cover: My Community: Places

The Library (My Community: Places) – Booklist

This simply written entry in the My Community: Places series uses short, present-tense sentences ideal for very young children and beginning readers…The pictures work best as illustrations in the back matter. The combination pictorial and written glossary shows abstract words, soft… View →

Cover: Presidential Perspectives

Presidential Perspectives – School Library Connection

Each title in this series focuses on a key issue that faced a particular president. Each issue is discussed in four chapters followed by important dates, “stop and think,” and learn more. Explore Online boxes direct readers to ABDO’s mycorelibrary.com for further information about a… View →

Cover: Science at Work

Magnetism at Work (Science at Work) – Booklist

The Science at Work series gives pint-size readers their first glimpse of the different ways science functions in the world around them…Each page is adorned with one to two short sentences and a color photo illustration… View →