ABDO Divisions & Imprints

We are proud to offer PreK–12 educational titles and digital resources for the library market. All ABDO products are categorized into distinctive divisions and are 100% guaranteed.

  • Abdo Kids, Beginning Reading
  • Abdo Zoom, Engaging Nonfiction
  • Abdo Publishing, Nonfiction Titles
  • Magic Wagon, Illustrated Titles
  • Spotlight, Popular Fiction Titles
  • EPIC Press, Hi-Lo Young Adult Fiction
  • Abdo Digital, Interactive Products

Abdo Kids, Beginning Reading

Geared toward beginning readers, these PreK–2 nonfiction titles marry simple text
with beautiful, full-bleed photography in large-sized books to develop reading skills.

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  • Abdo Kids Junior — Primary Nonfiction
    GRADES PreK–2
    Titles with clean design, clear photos, and simple sentences for the youngest readers
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    Abdo Kids Jumbo — Oversized Primary Nonfiction
    GRADES PreK–2
    Visually appealing titles with huge, full-color images and a large trim size for beginning readers
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  • Free Multimedia
    Free access to crafts, games, and videos on abdokids.com with the purchase of Abdo Kids titles

    Spanish Titles
    Select Abdo Kids titles are available in Spanish, translated by native speakers
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    Read-to-Me eBooks
    Abdo Kids books are also offered as valuable Read-to-Me eBooks, securely hosted on abdodigital.com.
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Abdo Zoom, Engaging Nonfiction

This exciting division will have young researchers zooming
into their favorite content in-depth at reading levels suited to their skills.

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  • Launch! — Beginning Research
    GRADES PreK–2
    Vibrant photographs combined with simple text, fun facts, and quick stats to immerse beginning researchers
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    Abdo Zoom Online Databases — Beginning Online Research
    GRADES PreK–2
    Correlating to Launch! imprint titles, these four databases for beginning researchers offer the very best in online multi-media research
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  • Dash! — Leveled Readers
    GRADES K–4
    Engaging nonfiction leveled reading to build emergent reading skills and vocabulary
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    Bolt! — Hi-Lo Nonfiction
    GRADES 2–8
    Simple text fused with fascinating facts and exciting pictures for amazing hi-lo titles
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    Read-to-Me eBooks
    Abdo Zoom books are also offered as valuable Read-to-Me eBooks, securely hosted on abdodigital.com.
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Abdo Publishing, Nonfiction Titles

Our PreK–12 educational nonfiction titles support a wide range of
state curriculum standards as well as personal interest reading.

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  • Sandcastle — Beginning Nonfiction
    GRADES PreK–3
    Award-winning and innovative titles for beginning readers
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    Super Sandcastle — Oversized Early Nonfiction
    GRADES K–4
    Larger trim size titles with full-spread designs for beginning readers
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    Big Buddy Books — Oversized Elementary Nonfiction
    GRADES 2-5
    Larger trim size titles with popular nonfiction content
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    Buddy Books — Elementary Nonfiction
    GRADES 2-5
    Introductory nonfiction titles with high-interest content
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    Checkerboard Library — Curriculum-Based Nonfiction
    GRADES 3-6
    In-depth content with a cross-curricular approach
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  • Core Library — Common Core Nonfiction
    GRADES 3-6
    Titles aligned with Common Core State Standards that promote in-depth learning
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    A&D Xtreme — Bold Hi-Lo Nonfiction
    GRADES 3-9
    High-interest content with bold, full-spread photos for reluctant readers
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    SportsZone — Topics in Athletics
    GRADES 2-12
    Sports titles for a range of readers
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    Abdo & Daughters — Middle Grade Nonfiction
    GRADES 5-9
    High-interest and highly-informative titles for research and independent reading
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    Essential Library — Research & Reference
    GRADES 6-12
    100+ page, well-researched historic, scientific, and current event titles
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Magic Wagon, Illustrated Titles

These PreK–8 titles magically blend imagination and information
with award-winning original illustrations and story lines.

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  • Looking Glass Library — Picture Books
    GRADES PreK-4
    Original fiction and nonfiction picture books
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    Magic Readers — Leveled Readers
    GRADES K-3
    Leveled reading with photo-realistic illustrations
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    Short Tales — Adapted Stories
    GRADES 1-6
    Adapted myths, classics, fairy tales, and fables
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    Graphic Planet — Graphic Novels
    GRADES 2-8
    Original fiction and nonfiction graphic novels
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  • Calico Kid — Early Chapter Books
    GRADES PreK-3
    Introductory fiction readers with full-color illustrations
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    Calico — Chapter Books
    GRADES 2-5
    Original fiction chapter books with large type for transitional readers
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    Spellbound — Hi-Lo Chapter Books
    GRADES 2-8
    Original hi-lo fiction with full-color illustrations for reluctant readers
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    Spanish Titles
    Select Magic Wagon titles are available in Spanish, translated by native speakers
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    Read-to-Me eBooks
    Select Magic Wagon books are also offered as valuable Read-to-Me eBooks, securely hosted on abdodigital.com.
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Spotlight, Popular Fiction Titles

PreK–8 popular fiction comes to life exclusively in our Spotlight titles!
Your favorite licensed books are adjusted so no artwork or text falls into the gutter.

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  • Beginning Readers — Early Fiction
    GRADES PreK-4
    Fiction for early reading
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    Leveled Readers — Stories for Emerging Readers
    GRADES PreK-4
    Leveled reading in exciting, easy-to-read stories
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    Picture Books — Storytime Favorites
    GRADES PreK-6
    Storytime favorites with large, expressive artwork
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    Marvel Picture Books — Marvel Storytime Favorites
    GRADES PreK-6
    Storytime favorites featuring the most popular Marvel characters
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    Chapter Books — Intermediate Stories
    GRADES K-8
    Popular titles with a wide range of interests for intermediate reading
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  • Classics — Illustrated Literature
    GRADES 3-8
    Classic stories adapted for intermediate reading
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    Graphic Novels — Comic Book Stories
    GRADES 2-12
    Popular comic book stories in reinforced library bound editions
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    Marvel Age — Marvel All-Age Comics
    GRADES 2-12
    Reinforced library bound editions featuring the Avengers, the X-Men, and other popular Marvel characters
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    Marvel Illustrated — Marvel Illustrated Literature
    GRADES 2-12
    Classic literary tales with a Marvel twist
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EPIC Press, Hi-Lo Young Adult Fiction

Bold, edgy, and emotional hi-lo YA fiction, presented in a
uniquely digestible format: six related novels, released simultaneously.

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  • EPIC Escape — All-Age Young Adult
    GRADES 6+
    Exciting high-interest YA with reading levels and content suitable for middle grades
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  • EPIC Edge — Bold YA Stories
    GRADES 8+
    WARNING: Explicit Content. EPIC Edge titles may contain explicit language and/or violence.
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  • EPIC Extreme — Intense YA Reading
    GRADES 10+
    WARNING: Explicit Content. EPIC Extreme titles may contain explicit language, violence, and/or sexual content.
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Our innovative digital products provide engaging reading and
learning tools for titles from all of our divisions.

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  • Anywhere eBooks
    An easy-to-navigate, intuitive digital reading experience
    Hosted multi-use eBooks, with a downloadable PDF option
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  • Read-to-Me eBooks
    Audio-assisted eBooks titles for emerging readers
    Hosted multi-use eBooks, with a downloadable (no-audio) PDF option
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  • Databases
    Information for reading and research presented online
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