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Glossy, full-bleed photos accompany basic information on the migratory habits of various creatures, most of them aquatic, in the Animal Migration series. With most migrations occurring for the sake of an animal’s young, facts about mating and breeding abound. . . . Each volume contains a map of the migration routes, color-coded to differentiate between summer and winter homes (or, in the case of salmon, organized by species). Informative, easy text makes this a solid introduction for primary-school readers, and for those who want to know more, each book comes with a learning code that will unlock additional information online.

—Animal Migration - Booklist

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Animal Migration (6 titles) Fall 2017
Humpback Whale Migration Fall 2017 2.6
Leatherback Turtle Migration Fall 2017 2.3
Monarch Butterfly Migration Fall 2017 2.4
Salmon Migration Fall 2017 2.4
Walrus Migration Fall 2017 2.6
Wildebeest Migration Fall 2017 2.3
  • New! Spring 2018
  • New! Fall 2017

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