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Cover: Total Sports

Total Gymnastics (Total Sports) – Booklist

Superstar Simone Biles is front and center on the introduction page of this comprehensive guide to gymnastics. Part of the Total Sports series, this volume discusses the history of gymnastics, from its ancient Greek roots to the modern Olympics, and notes key players. Though the most… View →

Cover: Total Sports

Total Sports – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Thorough overviews make this series an ideal starting point for middle school research projects. The origins and histories of each sport are detailed and include descriptions of major past and present stars… View →

Cover: Cool Main Dish Recipes

Cool Main Dish Recipes – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

It’s all protein in these vocabulary-rich cookbooks—vegetarians need not apply! Recipe instructions are detailed enough for novice chefs, providing good descriptive text in each step and photographs of key moments in the process. Kids will gain practice with basic techniques, such as… View →

Cover: Exploring Our Universe

Exploring Our Universe - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

After reading this series, students are certain to walk away with a newfound appreciation for the myriad wonders of the cosmos. Filled with an impressive amount of details each volume introduces kids to scientific terms with unexpected definitions (Trojans are asteroids outside of the… View →

Cover: First Drawings

First Drawings - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This series builds on subject interests to introduce young artists to elementary drawing practices. Each book offers five drawings to copy from basic geometric shapes. Kids will learn how to sketch guidelines, establish an outline, add details, create texture and shape using shading, and… View →

Cover: Hank the Pet Sitter Set 1

Otis the Very Large Dog (Hank the Pet Sitter) – Booklist

…This has diverse secondary characters and uses word repetition to reinforce comprehension…Funny and sweet… View →

Cover: Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels – School Library Journal

This series follows Lola as she experiences first love with her brother’s best friend, CJ. Each entry traces an important step in the development of their relationship, from their first romantic encounter…to their fight over revealing the relationship to Lola’s brother…Lola, a shy but… View →

Cover: Mars Bound

Mars Bound – School Library Journal

…Each book outlines a problem that needs to be solved before they successfully land on the far-away planet, including a fellow teen who sabotages the mission and an explosion they need to create to put the ship back on course…With big, readable text and bold use of font on each page… View →

Cover: American Royalty

American Royalty – School Library Journal

This satirical series imagines a world where George Washington drunkenly made the decision to become king rather than president. The books follow his descendants in the royal family during the modern era as they tussle to be crowned the next king. . . . The series humorously integrates… View →

Cover: Super Simple Science at Work

Super Simple Science at Work – School Library Connection

This highly attractive nonfiction picture book series guides young readers through simple scientific experiments. Each book begins with a note to “adult helpers” which explains important safety procedures. Following is a brief explanation of the scientific subject being explored, a summary… View →

Cover: Texas Fridays

Texas Fridays – School Library Journal

This new series explores the fanfare of high school football, following the stories of different players from cities all over Texas…The diverse backgrounds and authentic struggles of these players, including relationship drama and family pressures, make the characters relatable and the… View →

Cover: Big Buddy Olympic Bios

Laurie Hernandez (Big Buddy Olympic Biographies) – Booklist

The text describes Hernandez’s rigorous training with Coach Maggie Haney and how she must be homeschooled to fit her practice schedule. The final chapters relate her Olympic events and victories, as well as the Final Five’s post-Olympic celebrity. The book features two-to-four-page chapters; View →