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Our Galaxy – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Cover: Our Galaxy

Younger readers eager to explore astronomy will enjoy this introductory set. Bright, detailed visuals take children on a journey across the universe. Since each title is well-organized for research, students should have no issue locating relevant information within the clean, colorful, and easy-to-navigate layouts. This series will circulate best in libraries in need of astronomy materials for younger elementary students.

—Our Galaxy – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Asteroids & Meteoroids Fall 2017 2.7
Comets Fall 2017 2.9
Our Galaxy (6 titles) Fall 2017
Stars Fall 2017 2.6
The Milky Way Fall 2017 3.0
The Moon Fall 2017 2.5
The Sun Fall 2017 2.7
  • New! Spring 2018
  • New! Fall 2017

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