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Cover: Action Sports

Action Sports

Action Sports introduces readers to the thrills of today's most popular individual sports. From the leg-pumping action of BMX to frosty snowboarding skills, bold, full-color photographs bring…

Cover: Bots


Edmond West, a brilliant MIT drop-out, is convinced that humans will never move beyond their cruelty. West ventures to create a humanoid robot, one to be exploited so that people no longer…

Cover: Coming Out

Coming Out

Have you ever had a big secret? In Coming Out, six LGBT teens tell their coming out stories. These compelling first-person accounts encompass the many things teens already navigate; school…

Cover: Haunted


Twelve-year-old Stu has never believed in ghosts. But in each of these stand-alone titles, he finds himself face to face with a different ghost. Sometimes the ghosts get him into dangerous…

Cover: Hoop City

Hoop City

Welcome to inner city high school basketball, a competitive world of great athletes and dreams of NBA stardom. A world where talent and expectations mix with youth, money, girls, and the…